Buhari’s Return: Workers, Travellers, Commuters Stranded As Airport Road Is Shut


Hundreds of workers, travellers and other airport users were stranded at the airport following the closure of roads in the area.

Many travellers and other people at the airport were forced to wait, as security operatives cleared dignitaries who had come to welcome the President.

Despite the closure of roads and the delay of the travellers at the airport, many of them were excited to see the President back in the country.

On roads leading to the airport were hundreds of people singing and dancing, as they welcomed Buhari.

There were chants of “Sai baba!” as some youths performed some stunts with their vehicles and motorbikes.

Other groups of people displayed placards with messages like: “Welcome home, dear President”; “Sai Baba”; and “We love Buhari” as they struggled to catch a glimpse of the President.

There were other excited Nigerians who moved closer to the car the President was riding in, screaming, “Sai baba!” as they danced, following the slowly moving convoy of Buhari.

Earlier, there was commotion at the commercial wing of the NAIA as air passengers and workers rushed out in excitement to see Buhari immediately his aircraft touched down.

Those at the commercial terminals tried to push their way through to the tarmac but were stopped by security officials and personnel of the Federal Airports Authority.

“I would have loved to see at least his plane, because I know there’s no way I can see him from this departure terminal,” Okeke Benny, a Lagos-bound passenger said.


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