Buhari’s Ministers: Sack or Swap – Nigerians Speak


By David Adeyemi, Mariam Egbeyemi and Fumnilayo Adeyemi

Lately, there has been a call from the people to the President to cut short the tenureship of some of his ministers, if not all of them due to alleged incompetence in their various ministries. However, some are of the opinion that Nigerians should still give the Buhari administration more time to prove their worth while some think that swapping the portfolios of the ministers will make a meaning impact.

Consequently, The Boss set out to sample the opinions of various people cutting across professions and incomes as regards the issue of great importance. Here, we share some of their views.


“No, not at all, they shouldn’t be sacked or replaced because it’s just a few months of trial. What we are witnessing is not their fault at all. The recession is as a result of accumulated malfunctions in the finance department of the country. Let us remember that Rome was not built in a day, so the ministers should be left alone to perform their duties as sacking is not the next action to embark upon. What is happening today is the aftermath of many years of mess up occasioned by previous administrations and leaders.” – Mr. Deji Stephens, Medical Doctor


“Honestly, because of this administration, my business has almost folded up no thanks to the current recession which is the by-product of change they promised us. This is a serious issue. We are suffering and they all remained in office. I don’t even think replacing them with new ones will address the issue because they will be replaced with different people with the same view and motive. What we need is a total dislodging of everyone involved in this administration.” Mr. Etonyeama, Businessman


“The economy will only get better because I trust this administration, and they are on the right track to restoration. However, the President, who somehow has been living up to expectation and some ministers should not resign, but the Minister of Finance and other financial related persons should be sanctioned. In fact, I think they should honourably quit their positions.” Feyikemi


“The, said “the man is just deceiving us.” Because he as a person has seen for a fact that the president and Commander in Chief of the armed forces is clueless and doesn’t have anything to offer “so I think it is better he resigns.” Mr. Moses, Political Scientist


“The ministers should not be sacked because personally, I like what the whole cabinet is doing with the economy, they have a strategy.” Daniel Adekunle, Driver


“Why should they be sacked? They should be given more time”. Mr. Smith


“There is no reason the ministers should be sacked. I don’t know why anybody should have such idea. This is because they have tried their best in performing their duties they are working, and we should believe in them.” Mr. Osideko Abiodun, Insurance Manager










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