Bilyaminu Bello: Sad End of a Promising Young man


By Eric Elezuo

The brutal murder on Sunday, November 19, 2017 of Bilyaminu Halliru Bello, the son of the ex-chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party of Nigeria, Alhaji Halliru Bello, by his wife, Maryam Sanda, has continued to raise dust in the social lives of Nigerians and the world population at large.

The young Bello was reportedly hacked to death while he soundly slept in his home by his wife of less than two years.

According to sources, Bilyaminu’s problems started when his wife intercepted a love message from ‘another’ woman. The discovery sparked a hot argument between the couple. But Bilyaminu had to go to bed afterwards, without the slightest knowledge that his wife was harbouring a sinister motive. The rest, they say is history. While Bilyaminu is cooling off in the grave as he was buried last Wednesday, following grievous knife cuts he received from his wife, Maryam is cooling off in Police custody, awaiting judgment.

However, online reports have suggested that Bilyaminu was killed while he was praying. An unnamed family member was allegedly quoted as saying that Maryam Sanda, stabbed him to death while he was observing his Isha’i prayer.

He said: “Maryam became wild on Saturday night after seeing a suspicious text message in her husband phone, denoting that he was having extra-marital affairs.

“But her uncle intervened and consoled her, and Bilyaminu thought the issue had died down.”

He narrated that Maryam rather picked a sharp knife in the kitchen and waited until he began praying.

He continued: “When she stabbed him on the back, chest and groin, he collapsed and began pleading for mercy. She let him lay there in the pool of his blood, pleading with her to save his life.

“He was heard saying ‘Maryam ki taimake ni… Maryam ki taimake ni…’ (Help me, Maryam… Help me, Maryam…) until he couldn’t speak anymore.

“Maryam could only gleefully reply that ‘nemesis had caught up with you’ and allowed him to bleed to death on the spot.

Reports had it that the first hospital he was taken to refused to entertain the case without police report, while the second hospital called police after Maryam confessed to stabbing him.

While the Police work on available theories to unravel the circumstance surrounding the death of the young man whose wedding to his killer-wife was society oriented and full of pomp and pageantry, the public continues to condemn the wickedness attached to the dastardly act, arguing that no offence was worth the treatment young Bilyaminu got.

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