Biafra Nation: Discordant Tunes Trail Igbo Agitation – Hear Lagos Residents


By Eric Elezuo and Jane Efagwu

Nigeria is on the verge of experiencing a life changing revolution. What is it you ask? Well, the Republic of Biafra is rumoured to soon be birthed which will see the Igbo have their own country, and either return to their home bases of Imo, Enugu, Abia, Ebonyi, Anambra and more or stay as foreigners in the new Nigeria. While it may be a sad and scary rumour some Nigerians wish could die, other Nigerians are thrilled at the idea. We took to the streets of Lagos recently to ask the people what they think about the much talk about split.

“I’m actually rooting for Biafra. If I use something that belongs to you, I should be able to give you back so you can use it. We’ve been with Nigeria for so long and I think it’s time we stand on our own. We the Ibos are suffering and smiling. We work too hard for nothing. If the Biafra movement is successful and Ibos form their own country, I can proudly tell you that within the next five years, it will be a developed country. The Ibos are hard workers so we can do it. I am a full-fledged Biafra supporter” – Jeremiah Odah


“Personally speaking, splitting isn’t the best option in Nigeria right now. I’m not Igbo. I’m Yoruba and I don’t support the Biafra movement but if they want it then they should go for it. We are one Nigeria and we have three major ethnic groups which has been the norm for a while now so I don’t understand why we should be having an argument about division when we are all one. What we should be focused on right now should be how to move forward and make Nigeria a better place. We shouldn’t be concerned about division at all”- Gbeleke Olalaya, Mechanical Engineer

“I don’t believe the rumours I am hearing. There is nothing like that again. Biafra has been cancelled and we are all in Nigeria living the Nigerian life. We are all one” – Samuel Akpan, Businessman

“I don’t actually support the Biafra movement because we are one nation not two or three. We can actually live together in peace and harmony if we want to. Rather than split in two, I feel we should come together for betterment of our dear country Nigeria’’ – Jane Enere

To be really honest, I have nothing against the Biafran movement. It’s been a long time coming for the Igbo because we deserve our own independence. We work too hard. Look at Onitsha, Computer Village, Aba, Balogun market and so on. We moved those places forward. If not for the Igbo, all those won’t be possible. So imagine pooling all our resources into a country of our own? We will be a driving force in the whole of Africa so Biafra is more than welcome. There will be no corruption in Biafra – Ogbonna Uche, Trader

I really love Nigeria honestly. I believe in oneness and unity but sometimes letting go is just the best option because holding on isn’t benefitting us anymore. The Igbos are the united set of people in Nigeria. We believe in each other and we uplift each other. We don’t believe in corruption and stuffs like that. That’s why we prosper always. So if people of the same mindset can come together and build a nation where we will all live in peace and harmony then we are good to go. Biafra is highly welcome – Nnenna, Student


“At this point in time in Nigeria’s existence as an independent nation, a split isn’t the best thing to happen. To be really honest, it is a really dangerous route to take. As Nigerians, we have to be united. Our wall of unity has been cracked and that is why the lizards can crawl through. The split will lead to a major war which I don’t the country should be getting involved in. If you have ever watched war movies, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It isn’t a joke at all. We are all one. As I was coming today, I saw the Ibo boys calling me to buy their wares as well as the Hausa men. This is how it’s meant to be. We are meant to be united especially at a very crucial time like this. I love the different ethnic groups and I think if we can work this out, Nigeria will be the best place to be”. Alhaja Mosunmola, Trader


Look at what is going on in Nigeria. There is recession, power issues, lack of infrastructure and so on. Why should we still bother ourselves with Biafra? We have enough problems on our hands so we don’t need petty things like Biafra to disturb our national peace. I am Igbo but I don’t feel we need to bother with that. We need to work together now more than ever to move the country forward instead of focus on all these little distractions – Kenneth Nwachukwu, Businessman

As hardworking as the Igbo are, I don’t think we should be bothered about such a trivial issue. We should instead be focused on growing our business and fending for families instead of rooting for separation. Let’s assume Biafra actually happens now. Setting up in a new place will be hard. Saying good bye to our neighbours will be hard. Our roots now run deep in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole. It will take a long while for things to adjust and it will never be like how it was in Nigeria- Nduka Efere, Banker

Biafra should have been in existence right from the time of Nnamdi Kanu. I really don’t know why it was delayed. Igbo do not belong with rest of Nigeria. We are a glorified people and we deserve to be one in our own space. The progress of Ibos everywhere is being dulled by other ethnic groups. As successful as people think the Ibos are, we will be more successful if our resources are pooled together as a nation. We will become the real giants of Africa. Igbos are really hardworking. We are in every city striving daily for growth but all everyone tries to talk about is how Igbos make fake products and all that – Kelechi Nwanefe

I personally think that it’s a bad idea. The Igbo cannot leave Nigeria without a war happening. War isn’t the best for us right now. The person leading the movement has a British heritage so if all goes wrong he knows where to run to. Whereas innocent Nigerians will die protecting a course that’s not theirs. Everyone should just focus on tackling the problems in Nigeria- Jessica Lee

Let them leave us; we want to have our own country. We have been accused of many things negative. I think it’s high time they left us to ourselves. Let’s go and develop with our so called fake drugs and products. It’s high time” – Okereke Udah, Importer

Much as I want Biafra, I am not happy with the way Nnamdi Kanu is going about it. It’s not just right. But I appreciate him for even standing up to the project” – Kalu Uke, Motor parts dealer

So we’ve heard from them regarding their take on the Biafra issue. Let’s hear from you! What do you think about the republic of Biafra coming to life? What will be your reaction to the split? Let us know in the comment section below!


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