Asari Dokubo Lashes Out at Buhari, Davido, Don Jazzy, Others Over Diezani


Militant leader, Asari Dokubo, has condemned music executive, Don Jazzy, Davido and others that have openly criticized former Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Alison-Madueke, over her alleged $90 billion loot.

DonJazzy took to his twitter handle few days ago to ask if Diezani would be forgiven if she only asks for forgiveness from God. Actor Aremu Afolayan also shared a video in which he rained curses on the former Minister.

In the video which was shared via Facebook, Asari asked why they have not criticized Tinubu, Fashola and even Awolowo. He asked where all these men also got their wealth from.

Dokubo also branded President Mohammadu Buhari and his cabinet members as liars. He stated that if Madueke had looted $90 billion at the current exchange rate and returned it as widely reported, the government would not need to borrow from foreign institutions to finance infrastructural development across the country.

Dokubo, who was visibly angry, accused Buhari of embezzling N30 billion from the oil sector when he was petroleum minister and head of the PTDF under the Late Abacha regime. He also lampooned music artists, Davido and Donjazzy for condemning the former minister without first seeking the truth.

“Nigeria is now a country of liars, ruled by liars, and managed by liars. How can somebody just wake-up and claim Diezani embezzled $90 billion? Multiple that amount of dollars with the value of one dollar to the Naira and tell me what the sum is. How much is the Nigerian budget? If Diezani actually embezzled such an amount of money and has returned the loot, why is the Federal Government still trying to borrow money for infrastructure development?Buhari can lie. He lies like a fish. All the people around him are liars. How much did Buhari loot from the NNPC during his time as Petroleum Minister? N2.8 billion. How much did he loot from PTF during his time as Chairman of the Fund? Okadigbo panel said he embezzled N25 billion.

“Those without character are accusing others of lacking character. If Diezani really stole what she is accused of stealing, let them prove it against her. Then that… that calls himself Don Jazzy will open his mouth… Davido, children will open their mouth. Davido has not talked about his uncle, Isiaka Adeleke; Bola Tinubu; Fashola; even Awolowo. From where did Awolowo make his fortune?”

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