APC Didn’t Promise Restructuring, Says Oyegun

John Oyegun, APC national chairman

The All Progressives Congress (APC) said yesterday it did not promise to restructure Nigeria, if voted into power.

The party said what  it  promised is to ensure true federalism and devolution of power.

It added that it was not unaware of the contentious nature of restructuring as a result of which it avoided it when putting together its manifesto.

It vowed not to renege on its promise to the people.

Its National Chairman John Odigie-Oyegun, who spoke yesterday on a television programme, dismissed the possibility of the APC government allowing the emergence of a Biafran Republic.

He said issues in contention would be addressed by the government.

Oyegun said the priority of the APC-led government was not restructuring the country, but how to address the economic challenges and how to put food on the table of the ordinary Nigerian and create jobs for the youths.

He said: “When the APC manifesto was being put together, it was discussed extensively. We chose our words carefully in putting that manifesto together and we are committed to what we have said in that manifesto. But look at it this way.

“If you ask a Nigerian youth today, will he say his number one preference is restructuring or will he say his number one preference is a job, food on the table, economic prospect, restoration of hope in the future.

“Will restructuring be the panacea that will solve that problem. That is the challenge we are confronted with as the APC.

“What is more important, to fix the economy or to embark on this political issue with all the contentious and different interpretation that the public give to it? It is very specific on the manifesto and we are not going to renege on it; no question about that. It is a matter of time.”

Oyegun added: “The Acting President has spoken forcefully on this issue, the leaders of that area are beginning to find their voice, there is no question at all, there must be a conversation. Out of that conversation will come the answers.”

He dismissed the possibility of having a referendum now.

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