According to Acting President Osinbajo, N30,000 is enough to own a home today


The Acting President has explained that under the Social Housing Fund Scheme, anyone earning N30,000 per month would be able to own a house of his or her own under the SIP’s N100bn family home fund.

Speaking at a programme organised to showcase the achievements of the FG’s Social Investment Programmes at the old Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa, Abuja, Osinbajo even stated that some governors who are not members of the ruling All Progressives Congress have started taking credit for the programmes in their states.

The programmes under the SIP include N-Power, the Conditional Cash Transfer, General Economic and Empowerment Programme, and the National Homegrown School Feeding Programme.

He said, “Most importantly, we have ensured that our programmes are in all states, not just the APC states, so much so that some of the governors in non-APC states even take credit for these Federal Government’s programmes.”

“A country’s economic development is a function of the number living above poverty level.

“Our levels of poverty are so alarming that clearly some fundamental interventions by government are necessary.

“Often, our economic development plans and budgets assume a trickle down approach namely that if we put resources in promoting industry and commerce,  jobs would eventually be created and the poorest will be reached,” he added.

He said the reopening of portals for N-Power is scheduled for June 13.


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