Pesoheti Modeling Agency Launches, Promises Top Class Services

By Eric Elezuo

A combination of three heavyweights and randomly talented youngsters have pulled their wealth of experience and knowledge in the showbiz world together to come up with a classic modelling agency in Lagos called Pesoheti. The youths, who variously run one arm of entertainment outfit after another are Innocent Odewingie, who is the Managing Director of the parent outfit, Pesoheti; King David of Berrycut Model Management and Love Nebo of Tales By Brownie.

At the launch of the all in one modelling agency, the stakeholders told The Boss that the outfit, christened Pesoheti Modelling Agency after the parent stakeholder, has come to stay, and obviously bringing a whole new dimension to modelling in terms of scouting, recruitment and management.

In the words of Odewingie, “there is no better time to come up with this gigantic and lofty effort, and to crown it all, it is with people that have three desires in life; success, success and success.” He described the collaboration with Berrycut and Talesbybrownie as a one stop supermart where scouting, management, molding and sustaining of gains of models are achieved.

Responding, King David, a graduate of Zoology and Botany from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, who has been in the business of showbiz and entertainment for an upward of six years with Berrycut, an offshoot of Super Nova Creations spoke matter of factly, saying that in collaborating and partnering with one another as Pesoheti, a lot of things would be shared and prompt achievement derived within a very short period of time.

“We share a common interest and perspective which is tailored towards redefining the trajectory of the modelling industry,” he said.

With an unrivalled expertise in creative media management of brands, with special emphasis in entertainment, showbiz and modelling, Love Nebo, better known by his brand, Tales by Brownie, revealed that modern, digital and traditional media will be variously employed to help brands perfectly tell their stories.

“It has become our duty as Pesoheti to package ideas and perfectly passed it across to the right audience, who in this case are the clients. In this agency, as it is with Tales by Brownie, we help people capture their brands story, interpret it for them in a way it will catch the attention of their target audience thereby increasing visibility, drive sales and make revenue, the UNN graduate said.

She added that collaborating with Pesoheti, which is a business that has been in the industry for a while is really a big deal.

“We are here to tell a modeling story differently and uniquely, and tell it right. What are we bringing to the table is quite different from what is already obtainable – of a truth, the collabo is bringing in something new and the story would be differently told as time unfolds. For the benefit of safeguarding of copyright or infringement of any sort, let me not divulge everything in a bit, but the story of this collaboration will wow the modelling world.

The group has promised that failure is not an option in its agenda, as they have noted that Pesoheti is into many other businesses including artist management, entertainment, and fashion. As a result, it would be disastrous to make a single mistake because it will reverberate on the other businesses.

“Consequently, we are not only working to keep the modeling agency in good stead, but also protect the interest of a whole lot of other endeavours attached to it, so any potential client is in good hands, and is assured of best value for money. So, clients can be rest assured that this collaboration is smooth sailing and will do everything for the success of every and any client,” Nebo revealed.

Recognising, via long standing experience that growing to stardom is not as tedious as remaining as a star, Pesoheti has therefore, said that its business will not end at scouting and discovering the model, but includes management of the model, which invariably sustains stardom. This is because when one who was previously famous drops from fame, the repercussion naturally falls back on the agency managing him.

“Obviously, we don’t want that. And so, it is part of the many new things we are bringing to the table – how to keep one a star. We hold their hands all through, sustain their stardom, and above all make sure that they make money and manage it. Our models will not just be models in name, we are going to create a typical model, who will in turn empower others and positively affect the society. We produce all round models. We are also pushing the black narratives, and tapping into our black history, and the glory that our future can be,” she said.

Differentiating between model agency and management, King David, also known as Berrycut stressed that Pesoheti is involved in both and more, saying that being in entertainment and also having a record label, additional modeling agency will create an entirely new vista that many people will desire to tap into.

“We are basically creating something new. As we are launching now, tomorrow portends something bigger because in the future, Pesoheti is sure to produce someone who will represent this country in beauty pageantry, and with this collaboration, I know we are going far.

“The agency focuses on the job of giving the model a face and ensures that she makes progress while the management scouts for the models and gives them a roadmap. Most times, models are signed into an agency, but have no clear cut direction; the management provides this direction and roadmap. Our aim is to turn all our models into influencers. By this, we don’t mean having Instagram followers; we are talking about a leader with different diversification, and into many fields. We don’t just bring our models to the system, we give them a leverage whereby they influence and explore their own talents, vision and goal.

Pesoheti Modelling Agency has a lot up its sleeves, and into many businesses to impact the individual and society at large, but it’s ultimate goal is to be the number one choice in every visual picture in Nigeria, be it movie, music or the likes, and create models, who will in turn be the number choice of most, if not every brand. They also proved by methods and facilities on ground that Pesoheti modelling agency is not just about beauty, but also brains. Yes, the first attraction may be about physicality, but Pesoheti goes beyond that as its target is more encompassing. Pesoheti looks out for the uniqueness and distinct quality which an individual is endowed with through distinct scouting

Berrycut and Tales by Brownie explain more: “There are things we look out for, with special emphasis on physical characteristics, but not on the regular societal reckonings as regards beauty, but special things like legs, cheekbones, collarbones, voices and more.”

The group hope to add voice modeling as part of the new items on the table to feature distinctly in television and radio jingles. It also insists that there are no limitations to models and modeling as the model is just a representative, and so it is not only open to slim persons, but to persons of diverse clans, depending on the brand they are modelling for.

While modelling contracts last within a year, and room for renewing for another, Pesoheti is not in the business of holding back any model who intends to fly and take up other challenges.

Odewingie, and the group in general, sees the agency in a heightened position in the next one year. He explained that with the modalities put in place, and the facilities acquired, with the kind of human resources managing the outfit, and the grace of God, the next one year will present a different positive story that will leave the public wondering. The transformation will affect the global world.

The group of young people are of the view that marketing will not in any way pose a barrier because their product will definitely sell itself.

“We are producing models who will be used as influencers, as ambassadors and return makers. It is therefore natural that such clients, and others who witnessed it will keep coming back. We have a product that markets itself. All we are asking is for corporate bodies, individuals and others to take advantage, and they will be happy they did. When you use our models, you have deals, sales and conversions happening from time to time,” King David added.

Pesoheti has an enviable track record, which cuts across all walks of life, and global connection. This is as a result of the merging of the three bigwigs. Nebo explains that the group’s list of jobs are mostly of international billings like the British Council among other great brands. On the part of Berrycut, the organisation revealed that it has organised and staged a whole lot of pageantries and produced many beauty queens. It has worked with companies as a business development professional to develop their businesses to enviable status.

Pesoheti is a group of young persons with a passion to grow the Nigerian creativity. They have from the word, go, established the desire to tell the African story in the best possible way, leveraging on their God-given talents. Doing business with them is worth the while.

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