Girls Club: Virgins Are Carriers of What Money Cannot Buy

By Evangelist Temilolu Okeowo

One of the most beautiful ladies I ever met wrote this to me-
“Ma, why is it that those that are not virgins are doing great all round and those who chose to keep theirs is looking like God is not with them?”

Dear Virgin-in-lack,
If only you could “chest” your hardship and ignore all the flash and glamour your promiscuous friends appear to be enjoying and look at Jesus on the cross of calvary BELIEVE ME THE EARLIER YOUR GLORY WILL APPEAR! THE EARLIER YOU WILL NOT ONLY BECOME AN ENVY OF THOSE YOU ONCE ENVIED, THE EARLIER YOU WILL BECOME A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH IN THE WORLD SUCH THAT KINGS & QUEENS WOULD CLAIM YOU AS THEIRS! I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! ISAIAH 49:23

Do you have the faintest idea of your scores in heaven? Can you ever imagine how God feels each time you turn down sexual advances because you fear Him??? Haa…in this time and age??? DO YOU THINK HE’D LET THAT PASS WITHOUT REWARDING YOU??? I PRAY YOUR SPIRITUAL DULLNESS AND IMPATIENCE WON’T LET YOU LOSE OUT! Yes! Because if you were spiritually-intelligent you’d clearly see God’s WONDROUS PLANS for you and joyfully wait even if it means not having enough to eat for some time!!!

Even if you don’t believe so much in my regular posts, could you please borrow a leaf from 3 classical examples of the rewards of a chaste life in the bible? Was Mary the mother of Jesus recorded to be rich? No! But the angel Gabriel saluted her and gave her a full picture of what God said she was- “Hail Mary, Full of Grace, The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women…” God saw her fit to bring Him into the world. Though she birthed Jesus in a manger, she EFFORTLESSLY remains the MOST FAMOUS & BLESSED WOMAN IN CREATION!

Was Esther from a rich home? NO! She was an orphan, a slave girl taken care of by her uncle- a man who merely sat at the king’s gate! Yet she carried so much power and grace such that she displaced a whole queen in a foreign land! Hmm…. girls… girls…girls….Could you please give me a break and let God happen in your life?

What about Joseph? He was sold to slavery, he suffered alot and had every reason to succumb to Mrs.Portiphar but for the fear of God, he gladly refused! DID GOD FORGET HIM? NO! HE NOT ONLY MADE HIS DREAMS COME TRUE, HE MADE HIM KING OVER THOSE WHO PUNISHED HIM!

You may not have enough clothes today, you may be begging for food to eat but believe me if you saw your ORIGINAL in the spirit realm, YOU’D LOVE GOD THE MORE & BE USEFUL TO HIM WHILE WAITING FOR YOUR GLORIFICATION! Yes!!!

I don’t care what the world thinks but I know for a fact that Virgins, who are pure in spirit, untouched, uncontaminated are carriers of the supernal power of God, containers of glory, a light in every home, walking wonders, an authority in motion, a warehouse of incredible spiritual gifts money can’t buy and that’s if they discover themselves! If you’re one, I congratulate you! If you’re not one and single, how nice would it be to surrender to God AND STOP CHEATING YOURSELF, SUPPRESSING YOUR DESTINY!!!


And for everyone who’s going to turn a new leaf after reading this, MAY GOD DECORATE YOUR LIFE AND SHOW YOU OFF TO THE WORLD THIS VERY YEAR IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME!!!

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If you’d like to join the Girls Club of Nigeria and the Chastity campaign team, please send a message to *+2347086620576 (text only) temiloluokeowo@gmail.com*


Chastity does not belong to the past. It saves you a lot of trouble, preserves your beautiful destiny and stands you out from the crowd. You are better off not engaging in pre-marital and extra-marital sex. Stay chaste!

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