Friday Sermon: Creation Revisited 2

By Babatunde Jose

The universe with all its creations, both animate and inanimate, has a flawless design, unique systems, and an ordered balance that provide all the conditions necessary for living things to survive. Discoveries, especially those made in the 20th and 21st centuries, have shown that the flawless design of the universe is clearly the work of a supreme intelligence with limitless knowledge and eternal power.

In ‘The Mysterious Universe’, the English physicist Sir James Jeans describing the flawless order in the cosmos said: “The universe appears to have been designed by a pure mathematician.” It is this ‘mathematical’ exactitude of nature that has enabled man to venture into space, land on the moon, launch an International Space Station and land robots on Mars.

Every planet in the universe, is the critically important part of a larger order. Not one of their positions in space or any of their movements is random. These balances are never upset. All of this is a result of God’s supreme power in creation. See (Quran 67:3-4) (Quran 2: 255) 

The universe’s perfect design led even Darwin to admit that there is no room for chance in its creation. As he wrote: “This [conviction in the existence of God] follows from the extreme difficulty or rather impossibility of conceiving this immense and wonderful universe, including man with his capacity of looking backwards and far into futurity, as the result of blind chance or necessity.” Consider (Quran 2: 117) 

The distance between the Earth and our moon (Orbital distance: 384,400 km) ensures many important balances and the slightest variation in the distance between the two bodies could give rise to significant imbalances. – If it were much closer, the tides that the moon causes on the earth would become dangerously larger. Ocean waves would sweep across low-lying sections of the continents. Resultant friction would heat the oceans, destroying the delicate thermal balance needed for life on earth. . .. – A more distant moon would reduce tidal action, making the oceans more sluggish. Stagnant water would endanger marine life, yet it is that very marine life that produces the oxygen that we breathe. Consider Quran 27: 88; Quran 50:7. 

The distribution of heavenly bodies in the universe is designed as if to conform to the needs of human life. In his book The Symbiotic Universe, American astronomer George Greenstein explains the importance of the huge voids in space and the distances between heavenly bodies: “If the space had not been there, we would not have been here to witness it.”  

Such is the Creation of Allah: Now show Me what is there that others besides Him have created: Nay, but the Transgressors are in manifest error.  (Quran 31:11)  

Contemporary philosopher Jean Guitton of the French Academy writes: “The first conditions that determined the basic constants of nature and the emergence of life were set in place with amazing exactness. Consider Quran 13: 2; Quran 41: 12; Quran 77: 25-27; Quran 13: 17. 

If the laws of the universe allowed only the solid and gaseous states of matter, life would never have come into being. This is because the atoms in solid matter are compact, relatively motionless, and do not allow the dynamic molecular activity needed for living organisms to develop. The atoms in gasses have no stability and move freely, preventing the functioning of the complex mechanisms of living organisms. In short, there must be a fluid environment for the functions necessary for life to develop. The most ideal fluid—rather the only ideal fluid—is water. 

The suitability of Earth’s environment for the sustaining life is too wondrous to ever be explained by chance occurrences says  Lawrence Henderson, a professor in Harvard University’s department of biological chemistry.

God has created the amount of water in the world in the way most appropriate for the survival of living things. The 18th century English natural scientist John Ray, writes the following in this regard: … “The Wise Creator did so prudently order it, that the seas should be large enough to supply vapours sufficient for all the land. To claim that all these events resulted from chance events, a person would have to be completely deluded.” See also (Quran 80: 25-32) 

The molecular biologist Michael Denton writes: “The fitness of water [for life] would in all probability be less if its viscosity were much lower. The structures of living systems would be subject to far more violent movements under shearing forces if the viscosity were as low as that of liquid hydrogen… If the viscosity of water were much lower, delicate structures would be easily disrupted . . . and water would be incapable of supporting any permanent intricate microscopic structures. The delicate molecular architecture of the cell would probably not survive.”

“If the viscosity were higher, the controlled movement of large macromolecules and particularly structures such as mitochondria and small organelles would be impossible, as would processes like cell division. All the vital activities of the cell would be effectively frozen, and cellular life of any sort remotely resembling that with which we are familiar would be impossible. The development of higher organisms, which is critically dependent on the ability of cells to move and crawl around during embryogenesis, would certainly be impossible if the viscosity of water were even slightly greater than it is.” 

Allah says: “See ye? –If your stream be some morning lost (in the underground earth), who then can supply you with clear flowing water?” (Quran 67: 30)  See ye the water which ye drink? Do ye bring it Down (in rain) from the Cloud or do We? (Quran 56: 68-69) 

Water is renewed in a continuous cycle, in a state ready to be used by plants, animals, and human beings. Due to the sun’s influence, the Earth’s water is purified by evaporation. Evaporated water condenses in the atmosphere, forming clouds, and falls to the earth again as rain. In one year, for example, it is calculated that roughly six to seven hundred million tons of water evaporates at the equator, rises into the atmosphere, is carried towards the North and the South Poles, and eventually returns to the seas again, in the form of rain.

If this transformation did not occur—that is, if water did not evaporate and return to the earth, life would certainly come to an end. Allahu Akbar!!! God is great!!! 

Barka Juma’at and a Happy Weekend


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