NETFLIX Sets Valentine’s Day for Launch of Namaste Wahala

NETFLIX has finally announced the date for the launch of the much awaited blockbuster movie, Namaste Wahala.

The Nigeria-India collaboration movie, according to NETFLIX will be launched on Valentine’s Day of 2021.

Their statement stated:

It’s the love story we never knew we needed this Valentine’s Day as Bollywood meets Nollywood in the romantic comedy, Namaste Wahala launching on Netflix on 14 February.

Namaste Wahala is a feel-good love story about an Indian man who falls in love with a Nigerian woman. The film follows their journey of falling in love and the challenges that they must overcome in order to be together. Expect a whole lot of humour as we bear witness to the cultural differences between the two families.

Directed by Hamisha Daryani Ahuja, Namaste Wahala is so much more than just an unforgettable love story between Didi and Raj. The film is packed with family drama, Indian style dance sequences and a soundtrack that will turn your romantic movie night into a dance party.

Consider this our gift to you this Valentine’s Day! Catch Namaste Wahala on Netflix, 14 February 2021.

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