Girls’ Club: Encourage Your Daughters to Use Their CHASTITY to Get the Best of This Year

By Temilolu Okeowo

It’s my first outing here. I’m therefore directing the first message to the obvious readers; parents.

My darling, precious, glorious, dignified, world-famous and heavenly celebrated Nigerian daughters.

Happy new year to you and my highly-esteemed readers! Yes! I have great regards for my fans and consider them very special people in a highly-depraved world as this. While looking forward to meeting many more daughters and giving them a big hug when the world is safer, I pray for you all with all my heart that this decade will grant you the best days of your life!

However, girls…girls…girls, if I were you, I’d prepare for the coming glory this year with my body, mind and soul and by keeping it pure and saturated in the power of God! Believe me, everything you want to be is on your finger-tips!

I’d start this year with you by sharing some of my golden nuggets on chastity which I believe would transform your mind and encourage you to stay sexually-pure!

· A chaste life avails you direct information from heaven that can transform your life. May the sun, moon and stars bow for your glory in 2021!

· If you saw your “original”, you’d endure hardship and never sleep with any man for money! May the devil not steal your unborn children’s legacies!

· If you’re unmarried and sexually-active, believe me, the devil has an upper hand over your life! May we not become an ugly shadow of God’s original plan!

· Girls, do you know you score so high in heaven when you turn down sex/gifts from men? May God give you what no African can boast of!

· Girls, you are goldmines! You need not sleep with men for money! May you not lose what should buy you an aircraft before you turn 40!

· Girls, if you knew the type of spiritual power you carry and what it could avail you, no one will teach you to stay chaste! May you become a walking wonder!

· Ungodly sex demonises and slows you down! Chastity makes you too hot for demons to delay! May your life attract unusual speed this year!

· Girls, when you preserve your virginity, you preserve your virtues! You will be spiritually-dazzling and hot! May you become world’s most sought-after!

· Some men are mobile satanic altars! Once they sleep with you, they steal your glory! May you not fall for them in Jesus name!

· The day you vow to God to stay chaste till your wedding night, an unusual grace falls upon your life and it begins to move in great signs and wonders! May your star shake the world!

· Chastity makes you spiritually-intelligent such that you know your exam questions even before they’re set! May God open your eyes!

I have more nuggets that would help you cruise your way to glory this decade and make your dreams come true. However, the earlier you see visions of what God has written for you the better, before the devil snatches it away! That guy may not be going all the way and having sexual intercourse with you but all the other things he’s doing to your body which makes you scream in ecstasy could block your visions of the wonders God has prepared for you. 1 Peter 2:11 And believe me, there are too many people in the world today who lost once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that would have made them rich and famous! May that not be your portion in Jesus name! I love you all!

To be continued!

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If you’d like to join the Girls Club of Nigeria and the Chastity campaign team, please send a message to +2347086620576 (text only) temiloluokeowo@gmail.com


Chastity does not belong to the past. It saves you a lot of trouble, preserves your beautiful destiny and stands you out from the crowd. You are better off not engaging in pre-marital and extra-marital sex. Stay chaste!

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