Lauretta Picked on a Wrong Customer Once Again, Dele Momodu Takes Buhari’s Aide to the Cleaners

By Eric Elezuo

The last has not been heard of the rivalry between President Muhammadu Buhari’s media aide, Lauretta Onochie, and respected journalist, Dele Momodu.

In a response to a tweet by Dele Momodu, Onochie had accused the celebrated philanthropist of attacking Buhari because he did not release any financial gratification.

In a series of tweet afterwards, Momodu reminded Onochie of his status in the society, which she (Onochie) could not asplire, saying that her boss, Buhari, was a colleague of his in 2011 when both contested the presidential election. He assured the controversial woman that she had picked on a wrong customer as usual.

“She went their usual route of cheap blackmail that “Buhari has failed because he’s not paying…” us cash. Lauretta picked on a wrong customer once again. When a child buys a pair of shoes for his one-legged Dad, he should be ready to hear some true tales. I’m not a govt jobber!!”

The Chairman, Ovation Media Group, also reminded the social media troll of the fact that she had not done any business in her life and how he spent his ‘hard-earned money on Buhari’s campaign without asking for anything’, and concluded with a direct question, ‘where were you?’

“Since she’s never done any business in her life, she assumes we are all scavengers: 1. Your boss Buhari was my colleague in 2011 when we were both Presidential candidates 2. I spent my hard-earned money on Buhari’s campaign without asking for anything. Pls, where were you?

“3. I told President Buhari in 2015 that I will write my opinion of him regularly the way I did to President Jonathan & he said why not. So who’s Lauretta to say I can’t express myself freely? I know your third rate job makes you important. Bashir Ahmad and Tolu Ogunlesi are ahead.

“4. Lauretta advised me to diversify. You must have been busy looking for appointments when I expanded into public relations, television, social media, etc. If you had your business, the National Assembly wouldn’t have disgraced you!! Let me stop here for now… I have your time,” Momodu tweeted.

Onochie has been on the forefront of attacking Buhari’s critics with a refrain ‘because Buhari did not pay’, and has constantly received bashing from the general public.

She was rounded rejected by the National Assembly when she was nominated for public position. The rejection drew nationwide applause.

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