Potentiality Digest: The New Year 2021 Symbolises Hope

By Sodeeq Abdulakeem Sulyman
…start every day with a clean slate. Give yourself a new beginning by opening up your mind.” – Donald J. Trump
The Year 2020 was a Year the entire humanity wouldn’t want to remember at all – not for any other things – but for the trials and ordeals that accompanied it. Those challenges made the Year 2020 to be a distracting and troubling one, for the largest portion of humanity. And because of what we have been through in the previous year, we were all thrilled to celebrate and mark the New Year 2021.
Since what we experienced in the Year 2020 was novel and unprecedented, we welcomed the New Year 2021 with hope and beliefs that its prospects and opportunities are what we shall be blessed with; and not its problems and ordeals. However, the prospects of this Year 2021 are there for everyone to access, but they can only be accessed by those who are intentional with their lives and used what they have being through to redefine and stir infinite hope in themselves.
The Year 2021, with its own peculiarities and attributes, brought us the privilege to be expanding our vision; enlarging our thoughts, minds and brainpower, by using every moment and circumstances in it to equip and empower ourselves towards the best of life. This is why it is termed NEW YEAR!
Needs: In the couple of the next 365 days or thereabouts, you will have to task yourself to identify what is missing in your life, which if you focus on and committed to it, it will turn your life around. It is the high time for you to desist from settling for what brings you short-term comfort and brings you long-term distress. The essence of your life is to discover what you are lacking and dedicate your life to realising it. Rick Warren says, “The greatest tragedy is not death, but life without purpose.”
Explore: For your life to be of significance in this New Year, you must be fantasized and thrilled to unravel the bliss and blitz of the New Year. You must stop living the same lifestyle that has not fetched you your desired results, you must be enterprising in the course of this Year 2021, if you truly desires success and remarkable living. Someone once charged that “There is a bright side somewhere…don’t rest till you find it.”
Win: All the lives that have been distinguished from mere mortals made every moment count, by using every breakthrough of theirs to set themselves on course. If you wants to make a difference this Year and forever, you have to be pondering on the feats and accolades that await you to set the foundation for the life you are destined to live. Setting yourself on the course of winning is not about being favoured all the time; winnings can also come from redeeming yourself from defeats, adversities or setbacks. Robin Sharma noted that “We all know that within every seeming setback lies a distinguished opportunity for even greater success.”
Yearn: Your life has been divinely mounted on the stage for redemption this year. But the question is how do you prepare yourself to let the prospects of this Year favour you? For you to make a change in how your life is being led this Year, your whole living should be filled with aspirations, enthusiasm and thirst for skills, knowledge, success and impact, more than ever. Don’t think you have exhausted the energies in you and be believing that the best you can achieve has been the subject of the past. No. That is mediocre belief. Barack Obama submitted that “No matter how successful one has been, there is always much to do, more to learn, more to know and more to achieve.”
Evaluate: Because of how challenging Year 2020 was, this Year requires everyone who wants to make a difference in it to inculcate the practice of self-examination. You must set a metric for yourself, which you will always be using to inspect or examine how close you are to your yearnings, or aspirations. One of the foundations which significant lives were built on is the practice of self-examination, because it provides for them, indicators of how their life is being led within a timeframe. Someone remarks that “A life that is not being assessed is not worth living.”
Acknowledge: For your aspirations to be realised this Year, you will have to pay attention to what works for you and what doesn’t works for you. Is it your approach to life; your beliefs, values, priorities or anything? This Year, you must mandate it for yourself to uncover every source of illusion in your life and turn it to source of illumination. Dedicate yourself to seizing both the pleasure and pains of every moment, as they will be useful in adding meaning to your Year 2021. Les Brown says, “You will go through things that you wouldn’t understand why such things are happening to you. But when it is time for you to use your experience, you will appreciate your lessons.”
Rise: In this Year 2021, if you can be deliberate in your actions and intentional with your approaches to making the life you desires to manifest, you will rise; you will break ground, your name will be put on everyone’s lips, you will cease from being a victim in life. What it requires you is simply to hold on to your vision, invest in yourself and navigate every stumbles to set the stage for your strides. Ademola Adeoye affirmed that “Nothing stops you from moving forward when you can see beyond where you are.”
Like all other years, Year 2021 brings enormous hope and opportunities for those who are ready to stretch themselves to uncover the unlimited power deposited in them and kindle the true worth of their living. Let the words of Robin Sharma where he advised that “When you enlarge your willpower muscle in one important area, your self-discipline in every other area rises with you,” be one of your guiding principles this Year.
Here is wishing you a delightful and prosperous Year 2021!

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