Opinion: The Lies and Deception of the Buhari Administration to Nigerian Youths (Part 1)

By Senator Dino Melaye

If you speak the truth you will die, you lie, you will die so why not speak the truth and die. It is time to call a spade what it really is, a spade. Government is wasting Instead of utilising the little resource allocated properly. It is absurd for Government to dash monies out and call it other names.

I have warned severally about the difference in “dashing stipends”, creating jobs and generating jobs,

These are 3 different things entirely;

The government keeps deeping hands in the coffers “dashing” people stipends and calling it job creation or youth empowerment!

Check this:

When you allocate for example 75billion for youths development as seen for Nigerian youths; who exactly or what exactly are you doing??

..because in your own statistics of over 40million unemployed Nigerian youths

..or 130 million youth population as always “purported” by the bureau for statistics,

Then you help me do a little calculation…

75billion shared amongst 75.000 youths will go 1million each;

75billion shared amongst 750.000 youths will go 100.000 each;

75billion shared amongst 7.5million youths will go 1k each; thus..

In your statistics consideration of total youths population or unemployed Nigerian youths you can see that your 75billion youths empowerment funds will only “dash” 7.5 million Nigerian youths 1k each out of the 40million unemployed,

..and “dash” 75.000 youths 1million each or….

750.000 youths 100k each if distributed “sincerly”

The question is have you “empowered ” created or generated any job here??

What would the average Nigeraian youth do with
1k, 100k or even 1m as the case might be for sustainable development or job sustenance in this very “unfriendly” business and survival economy we have in our country today.

You see when we all applaud and rejoice over the sound and mention of certain sum for Job or youths development purpose

we should properly evaluate the intent and actuals if it is of any tangible relief or impact in ameliorating the sufferings or expectations of the average “hunger and hardship” ravaged Nigerian youth.

I believe with the above calculation you can even add up all the funds supposedly allocated for one form of public aid, development or Grant’s together and devide amongst the unemployed or overall youths statistics.

You’ll see that for example;
the 75billion youths development funds and 75billion business grant funds

Which equals to 150billion in two different release directives

will only give out of the 40million unemployed Nigerian youth 1k each to 15million youths only.

….are we serious to really tackle this “monster issue of unemployment ? Or we are planning for the “devils concert” ahead when these monsters we are making realise this calculation and the reason why all the government say they have been doing or putting in to confederations is just a “rhythm for the gods”

Let’s build a National youths database

With the cardinals of proper youths statistics Identification,
Qualification Identifications
Skills Identifications
Interest Identifications
And Passion Identification

These would be a parameter for determining effective and sustainable program planning, Grant’s distributions, Job creation and Empowerment options.

These will to a very large extent show a genuine sincerity of purpose and readiness to do the right programs, projects and public/youths allocations going further.

At this point, I Senator Dino Melaye will leave you to do a little research of all the funds put up for different areas of peoples support, public works and youths development; add them up and devide amongst 40 million or 130 million let’s see what and how much we have or would have done. We must also realize that all said above is if there is sincerity in the distribution which of course we know is impossible. The cabal, cronies and family will steal not less than 20billion naira out of the 75billion naira. There is no difference between this and MAMSER, PEOPLES BANK, NDE, TRADER MONEY, NPOWER, NAPEP  Etc. All are stop gap measures and deceptive tools to continuously subjugate and perpetually keep the youth poor and unemployed.

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