Governor Nyesom Wike blasts Governor David Umahi Over Defection

You have offending me by saying South East Suffered Injustice Under PDP"

By Michael Effiong
 Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has blasted his Ebonyi State counterpart, Governor David Umahi for claiming that his reason for defecting from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressives Congress ( APC) was because of injustice meted on the South East.
Governor Wike stated in a chat with journalists that Umahi’s defection did not come as a surprise to committed PDP members as he has been in romance with the APC for about two years now.

According to him ” What he said meant that everyone who is a member of PDP is against the people of the South East, that is very wrong. What he said is offensive and insulting to the people of the South East.

” What he said is unacceptable to me, he has to retract that statement. Umahi was Chairman of PDP in Ebonyi State, PDP made Umahi Deputy Governor, PDP made Umahi Governor. PDP gave him a secord tenure ticket.
“At what point did he realise this injustice? Under PDP, the South East has been made National Chairman, under PDP,  South East produced many Senate Presidents, under PDP, Ebonyi state produced Secretary to the Federal Government.So what injustice is he talking about?
Talking of injustice, Umahi who is Governor, made his junior brother the Zonal Chairman of the party, and he is talking of justice. Is that a show of equity, fairplay and justice?
“The only thing is that my friend Umahi wants to be president, there is no problem with that, he has a right to be president, he is educated, he is qualified but that does not mean  you have to blackmail your party or tell lies to the people.
“He called me yesterday and I told him, that conscience is important, being credible is important that everything is not about money and power. In life, in as much as aspiration is good but conscience is key .
” I have told my friend that when you attack my party, you attack me. If you attack PDP, I cannot in good conscience take it lightly with you.
I urge NEC and NWC to make immediate plans to ensure that PDP does not die in Ebonyi State.
What David Umahi has done today has nailed him politically. David Umahi will soon know that the politics of Ngeria is not the politics of Ebonyi and that the more you look the less you see.
Governor Wike also stated that he does not even believe Governor Umahi wants  to vie for the Presidency. I believe he wants to be Vice- President. I feel very disappointed in him that he had to betray his people to seek his ambition.

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