Why I Handed Over Leadership of SPAC Nation Church to Younger Pastors – Tobi Adegboyega

By Eric Elezuo

In a move that smacks of genuine leadership qualities and total respect for mentorship and mentees, the Pastor, SPAC Nation Church, London, England, Tobi Adegboyega, has relinquished his leadership roles over the thriving church to his younger subordinates.

Making this announcement in a recorded video broadcast, Adegboyega, who is noted to have assisted in rebuilding lives of the young people for the better, maintained however, that he remains the Global Leader of the church.

Stating his reasons for his decision, the vibrant pastor, whose stock in trade is to reshape lives from crime to profitable entrepreneurship, said it is expedient to allow the younger ones take over now in their prime; take their own decisions, make their own mistakes and learn.

Naming pastors Damy Balogun, a leading Chartered Engineer in the United Kingdom, and Samuel Akokhia, a proselyte of over 10 years, as his replacements, Adegboyega, who had led the church in the last 15 years, said the pair have got what it takes to move the church to the next level. He outlined the fact that in their assistance level, they have mentored youths and generally worked for the good and progress of the kingdom of God.

Read below the Church’s statement on the handover:

The global leader of SPAC Nation church, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega who has led the church for up to 15 years has now handed over the leadership role of the London church to two of the current leading Pastors in the church to act as the new Senior Pastor’s of SPAC Nation. Pastor Tobi Adegboyega handed over SPAC Nation church early 2019, he recently reiterated this after several popular public statements and interviews that explain in depth why he would be stepping down as the leader of the church to.

The named senior pastor’s are: Pastor Damy Balogun, who became the youngest chartered engineer in the UK at 24 years old. Alongside him will be Pastor Samuel Akokhia who has also been a mentee of Pastor Tobi for up to 10 years after encountering him at a point where his life was on a downward spiral after being sentenced to up to 4 years in prison. Over the years he has brought major change to the borough of Croydon by leading the strategy and enforcement of knife crime reduction in the area.

This is a new beginning for the church from when it was first started from 3 members in flat to now an internationally recognised movement of 1000+ young people seeking to bring change in their communities.

Pastor Tobi will still oversee the affairs of SPAC Nation but his thought has always been to put young and progressive leadership in place, the handover is a dream come true, the church is growing more than ever before. Pastor Tobi will now go on to do more philanthropic work around the world. The vision remains the same for SPAC Nation, which is to see a generation of liberated from poverty and young people transforming their community from despair to hope.

In these trying times we ask that everyone should stay safe, and that God may heal London and the UK from the Covid-19 pandemic. Again, please stay safe.

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