YWC Holds Virtual Town Hall Meeting, Resolves to Focus on Unity, Prosperity

Yoruba groups and people across the world have resolved to forge an active global alliance in pursuit of the defense and promotion of Yoruba culture and people all over the world as this is the best way to attain safety and prosperity of everything Yoruba.

The resolve was made penultimate weekend during an online event hosted by the Yoruba World Congress. The event saw the largest ever gathering of Yoruba groups and leaders featuring over 1800 delegates from 27 countries in five continents.

Speaking at the event, Yoruba Leader Emeritus, Prof Banji Akintoye urged Yoruba people everywhere to rise and work for a Yoruba Renaissance in arts, business, science and technology, and to start being their brothers’ keepers all over the world.

The Yoruba Leader emphasized the need to revive the language, and announced that various initiatives were in the making for the revival of the Yoruba language.

Also speaking at the event, veteran columnist and member of the YWC Leaders Council, Chief Tola Adeniyi urged all Yoruba to focus on their capabilities and building of themselves. Chief Tola Adeniyi noted that, more than ever, Yoruba people need to rediscover their spirit of enterprise and self-reliance as the Nigerian country and government do not seem capable of solving modern problems any more.

Also present at the event was NADECO and Afenifere Chieftain, Dr. Amos Akingba, popularly known as Triple A.

Answering questions from participants from various parts of Nigeria and other Yoruba people in the Diaspora, Prof Akintoye noted that Yoruba and other nationalities currently incapacitated by the unworkable and debilitating unitary government will explore all peaceful and constitutional means to disengage themselves from the Nigerian contraption and assert their sovereignty within the shortest possible time.

Yoruba World Congress Secretary General, Prof Anthony Kila, who moderated the Town Hall Meeting, explained that the YWC which now has chapters across the country, has consciously created roles for the Yoruba in the Diaspora and those not resident in Yorubaland.Kila added that the YWC is working for a Yoruba Global Alliance towards peace and prosperity of Yoruba People and the key points of the YWC agenda are Education, Engagement and Empowerment.

While thanking all the Yoruba sons and daughters across the world that made the event possible, Prof Banji Akintoye announced that the YWC will soon be unveiling a series of activities around skills acquisition, entrepreneurship and investments to help alleviate poverty, and to engage Yoruba bright minds and idle hands.

The 2 -hour virtual Town Hall Meeting was broadcast live by Heritage TV and OdùduwàTVRadio, and was viewed by over 25,000 people from the comfort of their homes and offices.

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