African Fashion Week: ‘FirstBank’s Interested in Creativity, Growth of the Young Ones’

By Eric Elezuo

Nigeria’s premier bank, FirstBank of Nigeria Limited has confirmed that its interest is bordered on ensuring creativity among the youths in what they believe in as well as assist to see to the growth of the young ones.

Disclosing this fact at the ongoing African Fashion Week sponsored by FirstBank, the Bank’s Business Manager, CBG (Manufacturing), Mrs. Helen Ugboh, said that the Bank has been partnering with brand in the last six years, and it has been a a tale of good tidings all through.

“The objective of the Fashion is in line with what the bank does, and that explains the reason behind our partnership,” she said.

She noted that in the six years the Bank has identified with the African Fashion business, a lot of achievements have been derived.

Mrs Helen Ugboh flanked by Jennifer Roenne (r) and another guest

“Apart from the bank’s visibility, the key objective is to ensure that the virgin fashion designer get to showcase what they have. And for them to showcase what they have, they first of all have to believe in themselves. As a result, they have been privileged to go places with the organisers.

The African Fashion Week is part of the activities FirstBank has earmarked to ‘vybe’ Nigerians throughout December.

Mrs. Ugboh noted that the vybing has been going on since the beginning of December, saying that Kizz Daniel vowed the young ones the night before just as Grammy nominee and Nigeria rave of the moment, Burns Boy is due to perform ‘this night’.

FirstBank, in its 125 years of existence, has been in the business of propagating youth oriented programmes while ensuring that the young ones is showcased to the world at the right time so they achieve their dreams and reach the zenith of their career within the shortest possible time.

The Fashion show continues…

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