Opinion: Be Illimitable!

By Tolulope A.  Adegoke

“Righteousness, purity will prevent you from hell-fire, but Creativity will prevent you from earth-fire!”
– Samson Adah Paul

A man may be born into emptiness but no man is empty. A man may be born into blindness, but no man was born blind!

Thomas Edison only had 3months of formal education before he was asked by the school authority to leave because  he was regarded a blockhead, but  at the end,  he left indelible marks and history absorbed him.  He became  the inventor of light,  microphone,  science laboratory,  generator and many more.

Another vivid example is our Lord Jesus Christ who fulfilled destiny, such that today, uncountable institutions, establishments, ministries has been established in His name.
Dear friends,  nothing is too late to achieve! You may not be a professor, but you can still be an inventor!
You can achieve anything because you are an image of God for free…

The word MAN isn’t just a name, but a title backed up with responsibilities. I mean to unveil to you that it is simply:

Progress and development are not products of mere work,  money, but the products of DOMINION!
the state of DOMINION is the ability to produce  with everything  God had created you to become,  and as well to subdue!

The Holy Scriptures  in the Book of Genesis  1 reveals that each animals were created to be pets to MAN,  not to be threats to creations,  but when Man fell from DOMINION, Man replaced the positions of the animals,  while animals replaced the place of dragons.

Isaiah 11:6-9 as well reveals that the place of dominion is the place of subduing the earth!

CREATIVITY: The Proof of being Unlimited!
Creativity is the act of making something out of nothing. It is the act of overcoming fear and making bold steps and ideas for positive changes.
Creativity could also be stated as the acts of coordinating and cultivating several artistic and scientific processes to solving problems.

The alternative to creativity is witchcraft! If a Believer is not creative,  then he is nothing but the aforementioned.  Witchcraft is the act of boycotting processes to achieve aims or solve problems.

A man who is not creative is the same as a demon!  Lack of creative minds is one of the ultimate causes of extreme poverty!Among others are the causes  causes of poverty:
• Bad government
•Lack of good directions /guidance
•Ignorance  etc.

The problem confronting this part of the world is none of the above, but WORK!
You may not be fruitful when you are hardworking, yet be foodful (stomach infrastructure/ policy) !but when you are a Creative Worker,  you can be FRUITFUL.
Work isn’t the original plan of God for MAN, he was created for “Creative Works!”
Entering a bus as a means of transportation could be hard labour,  but a plane is a product of Creative Work!

When you do not manufacture,  you suffer many fractures!
Work is something you do without applying your mind, but to be creative,  you need to work with your MIND!

Righteousness, purity will prevent you from hell fire,  but Creativity  will prevent you from earth-fire! The qualification for manual work is academic qualification,  while that of Creative Work are Divine Inspiration, Revelations and Illuminations!

When you work with your mind, you become the friend of God!  You need the power of IMAGINATION to work, to do and to be productive enough to achieve the impossible!

When you work in the realm of imagination, you become productive! Imagine to do and to become!
What you need is simply change of thought patterns!
You can make money with all things if you are creative – money answereth all things!

Engage in all labours with a Creative Mind, you will earn your unimaginable profits.
Alot of people have become slaves in their own lands! There is need to engage Divine Revelation to be productive. The only advantage Man has over robots is the MIND!
Equipment are products of Creative inventions,  and has stopped man from working.

We are in the age of the express creativity beyond the ordinary-money will fail,  businesses will fold of up,  but a Creative Mind will always be a sought-after (that is,  force to reckon with)!
Schooling without  academic productions is a waste of life!

The Laws that Guides Creativity!
The Book of Genesis 1:2 speaks volume on the above subject, which has to do with the BEGINNING OF CREATION!

The law that guides Creativity says,  you must start at the BEGINNING so as not to end up begging for spaces at the top!

The Third World Countries are abusing the above law of creativity!  They do not want to start anything from the beginning,  that is why they end up begging for incentives, because they have failed to be retentive!  They do not want to start small, that’s why they live so exorbitantly.

You can afford with little beginnings.  I charge you to start now!  Do not hesitate,  do not wait. Start small! Do not despise little beginnings.

The word DOMINION is a combination of three powerful words, that states:
Do(ing) Mini On and On! That is to say,  Do small  things, and be consistent with it,  then you promotion or advancement is assured!  Any MAN who doesn’t have a beginning is FAKE!

(To be continued …)

Thank you for reading.

Tolulope A. Adegoke is an acclaimed “globalpreneur”, with the mandate to enrich lives and provide the professional, spiritual, academic and leadership empowerment needed to birth, maximize and sustain possibilities in peoples, corporates and nations. He is a prolific writer, frequent keynote speaker and proven spoken word poet, among others, having written countless articles in diverse reputable fields and honoured many public invitations.

He is also a Senior Administrator.

E-mail: adegoketolulope1022@gmail.com


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