The Laws of Kings (Part II)

By Tolulope A. Adegoke

“Weakness could be the best definition of describing a fool; excuses could also be the best description of failures! No one is ever too small to lead, and none will ever be too big to serve! Your gifts as a man is at the mercy of your ability to respond swiftly to changes, opportunities and challenges (response + ability = Responsibility)” – Tolulope A. Adegoke

The Guiding Rules (continues):

No matter his level, size or stature, a king must NEVER GIVE UP TOO SOON!

Giving up too soon automatically results to failure. Even in the thickness of the dark, in the face of defeat, in the harshness of the weather, in the heat of times, a king must never give up! The never give up statement is the daily psalms of champions and of kings! Kings are crowned ultimately to give enviable and outstanding results.

The essence and extent which he would go in his course as a leader will be determined by his strength of not giving up too soon.

Weakness is simply the best definition of describing a fool, but a king must never be one. Weakness, however is the ultimate key to giving up too soon. A king must at all times keep his head up and be rugged in spirit, for this is the fuel that ignites the power and prowess of achievements!

Also, a king must have a Queen! No matter the sensitivity of the throne, no matter its beautification or decourations, royalty is incomplete without a worthy (virtuous), and charismatic Queen.

Nothing blooms without the awesome wonderful touches of the Queen. The Queen suppresses his anger, activates the kid in the king at the mid of the “nights”, and activates the king in the kid in the day, thereby helping him to discover or rediscover the hidden treasures of leaders of leadership and the weight of what lies on his shoulders as responsibilities; for there is a kid in every king, and in every kid lies a king! The Queen, being virtuous, maximizes his effects and helps his devastating helplessness. She cuddles and hides his childish acts or attitudes like a mother; for she is the neck and the beauty of the throne, the strength and as well weak-point of the king. She gives him courage to move on! She is a key or password to getting it right or wrong.

Truly, the woman is the mother of the king, the playmate and Queen of the king, the beauty of the throne, the perfect completion of Royalty, the naturally endowed socket where the king connects with the energies of nature in ecstasy and power, and as well eases off his tensions in the form of “fats”. The Queen therefore, is the production factory of the king, she maintains constant production of everything needed in favour of her soul-mate, The king! She is simply the compliment of his found rib- His maximum effect!

Further, a king must NEVER FORGET HIS SOURCE. A river that forgets its source will dry up, and would be forgotten in the annals of history! A king must at all times remember his source by acknowledging the Divine Maker, the Master of all Creations, The King of all kings, The One that Makes all things possible, The Only One that does things that no other can undo! The One and Only Source of all that lives. Mere acknowledging and reverencing The Source (God Almighty) enriches the king with more wisdom, knowledge and understanding, including with its applications guide to rule, lead and conquer with utmost confidence and ease that surpasses all mortal comprehension.

Finally, a KING MUST REPRODUCE A BETTER VERSION OF HIMSELF (that is, have a replacement of himself for the continuity of service)!

It is pertinent for every reasonable king to reproduce a better version of himself so that when he is done fulfilling his own purpose or role on earth, there is somebody agile, ready and equipped enough to handle the mantle power and as well to take over the throne. And that is why kings must have an “heir” who must have been nurtured and prepared for future assignments (as serving hands) in the royal ways and patterns, decorated with crown on his head to be king.

If any king refuses to reproduce a better version of himself, he is without sentiment worthy to be pronounced a failure! A king must so much raise his heir or replacement consciously and cautiously with all that it required or needed so that his replacement or heir can be better than him, because the latter must be better than the former; he must therefore be an improvement and an upgrade of policies and administrative prowess, so as to impart lives better with possibilities – ease, strategy, comfort and gratitude; it is then that the king is rated a successful and fulfilled king – the absence of a replacement or heir considers him unfulfilled no matter how great he seemed to be.

Revelation 5:10 reveals that: “And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.”We are the kings under the auspice of the King of kings- The Creator of All!

The end

‘Tolulope A. Adegoke is an acclaimed “globalpreneur”, with the mandate to enrich lives and provide the professional, spiritual, academic and leadership empowerment needed to birth, maximize and sustain possibilities in peoples, corporates and nations. He is a prolific writer, frequent keynote speaker and spoken word poet, among others, having written countless articles in diverse reputable fields and honoured many public invitations. He is also a Senior Administrator.’

E-mail: adegoketolulope1022@gmail.com globalstageimpacts@gmail.com

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