The Laws of Kings!

By Tolulope Adegoke

“There is a kid in every king, and in every kid lies a KING (Giant). To impact the world in greater dimension or capacity, there is absolute need to put the kid in the king to sleep for maximum delivery of purpose; to sometimes ease the king of undue stress, there is also need to awake the kid in the king for rejuvenation. The title isn’t just a blessing, but responsibility to impact and deliver possibilities. Leadership involves being responsible, but it takes humility to be responsible! The scale of power isn’t powwow but an authentic that must be balanced for effective deliveries. Wisdom is therefore the basic tool for effective leadership; of what use is speed when there is no direction (strategy or direction)? Wisdom of course is the principal thing” – Tolulope A. Adegoke

A king, the king, and kings have kingdom(s) where he rules and governs his people. He was chosen to be the head by divine consultation(s). Nothing surpasses the application of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, except God’s divine intervention which is a continuous mystery to mankind. Kings rules by the divine arrangement of words and power…in reality, kings are weak without the aforementioned. Every king was just a man created or born normal just as a serf was born, but what distinguishes him from the serf is simply the mystery behind his destiny which is a joker in card games of sense!

“All men were born equal but not all or never with the same destiny”. The destiny of a man is an indication or a blue-print of his future and purpose of creation. Every king is harmless without the works and the words of wisdom, knowledge and understanding and their applications joined with the mantle of power to properly discern and judge rightly. Nothing lasts forever! so is a saying, but kings believes that impacts or deeds of men speaks better for him he is gone to total rest (posterity begins it cause and course, here). A king, even though he is a king rules by the divine guide or laws which has to be properly followed so that tremendous success can be made! This laws aren’t just what we simplify or express by mere words of the mouth but truly dangerous by divine touch(es) which can only be provoked by the metaphysical (spiritual) business transactions which is called “Sacrificial giving” as a result of humility, obedience, compassion and patience-nothing goes for nothing.

The spiritual room or power of king(s) is his “mind”. Ordinarily, the mind is a powerful weapon or transformer in the human system, even though it is invisible, but triggered by the combination of senses in the human body in the capital territory of the human heart. The mind is majorly powered by the divine endowed combination of powers bestowed unto man, even in reality: the spirit, the soul and the body. If any of these grows weak, it is automatically noticed in the mannerism or attitude of the concerned individual(s), let alone the kings(s). Why guides kings is simply the ultimate foundational (early) anointing oil lavished on him from the on-set as at the time of pronouncement and impartation; this therefore activates the “god” nature in him (the state of the authentic essence of his creation to exist and also live and lead in the cycle of reality), because MAN (Made Above Nature) was originally created to be “gods” so as to be creators, inventors, builders, parents among others. The manifestation of this divine power and prowess makes and keeps him a king which consistently and conscientiously helps him to follow the realities of his mandate which is simply to DELIVER possibilities. The exact purpose of a king on the throne of power is to deliver, provide, save, lead, guide, and judge his people aright without sentiment or bias.

 The Guiding Rule

  1. The number one law of kings is simply to be SERVE-(ANTS)HANDS– to be servant to his people and not even to see himself above the people, though his words are treasures and powers that triggers instant action.
  2. Secondly, kings without the awesome treasure and power of HUMILITY are bound to die before their time! Humility is key in human endeavours, let alone kings who are the focus of power and the mortal guidance of the people as ordained by the divine order. It takes humility and compassion to give, it takes humility to deliver, it takes humility to discern, it takes humility to regard and treasure, it takes humility to operate in and engage the forces of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, it takes humility to become a serving-hands (ants) on the throne for the betterment of his people. Leadership involves being responsible, but it takes humility to be responsible!
  • Leadership shouldn’t be seen just blessings, but RESPONSIBILITY because so many people’s destinies are hanging on the king’s shoulders. So many hopes are high, so many visions are bright, and so many hearts beats are raised as their expectations are. Being king shouldn’t intoxicate him, because it is a responsibility of servants to be given (crowned) with the title “kings” as a symbol of loyalty, and of honour for brilliant expectations and deeds! It takes being responsible to serve selflessly without being disgusted by the odours of the dunghill. A leader is like a refuse ground or incinerator, he should therefore be ready to accept and condone shits (rubbish)from both the good, the bad, and the ugly. He should be ready to be spat on, criticized, challenged or confronted, and must be ready to accept blames of misinterpretations or conscious deeds. No matter how responsible a king may be, he must be wise enough not to become a fool! A fool is always working without knowing or having depth (understanding), without direction or purpose or understanding the weight or essences of his calling or assignment. A fool will never attract the right followers, a fool will never be able to raise leaders, a fool will never be able to discern accurately, a fool is not a deep thinker, but weak; a fool forgets he has a source, because he is easily carried away by public opinions and applauds. A fool believes in autocracy (absolute power), not recognizing the importance of his people (followers), a fool is greedy, selfish, wasteful, lazy, slow, gives up too soon, inconsistent, and incautious; if he fails to work on his folly to become wise, he would die untimely of fade out in no time, he has no tune of music, and no class! When a leader is working and no one is following him, then he is worthy to be called a failure, because he is simply working for nothing, on nothing, and with nothing.
  1. Apart from the aforementioned, a king must NEVER VALUE HIS OWN LIFE OVER HIS PEOPLE. A king must always be ready to surrender, give or sacrifice his life for the betterment and liberation of his people. The life of his people must be his topmost priority in his scale of preference. He must never sleep before his people, the comforts of his people must be his top desire. The king fights for the interests of his people in diverse battle fields while his people are in the comforts of their homes, expecting good results from their representative(s), their so-called SERVING-HANDS! Nothing must be too valuable for him to release.
  2. No matter his level, size or stature, a king must NEVER GIVE UP TOO SOON!

(To be continued…)

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