Kim Kardashian Visits Inmate On Death Row At San Quentin State Prison

As part of her prison reforms and crusade, Kim Kardashian visited an inmate at the San Quentin State Prison who is on death row.

The purpose of her visit is to free an inmate who has been awaiting death since 1983.

According to TMZ, 61-year-old Kevin Cooper was convicted of committing 4 heinous murders in Chino Hills, CA in the ’80s and sent directly to death row.

Between then and now, the death penalty was suspended, reinstated, there was a gas chamber and then death by lethal injection and all the while Cooper sat waiting to die, always proclaiming his innocence.

TMZ also reports that Kim Kardashian back in 2018, asked then-Governor of California, Jerry Brown to look into Cooper’s case because it appeared that he was being framed up for the murders crimes.

The then governor ordered for a new DNA test to prove that Kevin Cooper was an innocent man. California’s new Governor, Gavin Newsom, ordered additional testing in February 2019. Kim Kardashian decided to visit the prison because she wanted to see Kevin one-on-one. It reported that after chatting with Kevin, Kim believed that he was innocent.

It is no news that over the last year, Kim Kardashian has been busy trying to a number of prisoners out of jail. Earlier in May 2019, she helped secure the release of 17 prisoners.

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