Zik Zulu Okafor Pens Moving Tribute to Chief Eddie Ugbomah

I never thought he would die. Too strong, too resilient, too optimistic. Too, too defiant , an epitome of uncommon drama ! May your buoyant soul and defiant spirit rest eternally Chief. Sad Chief Eddy Ugboma, OON, fought all his life to see a better movie industry.

He fought federal, state govts, agencies, all for the film maker to find a more conducive space for his trade. Well over 70, he remained unshaking and indeed unshakeable about his hope and faith in film. His entire life was a struggle for the motion picture bloc in Nigeria. He didn’t see his dream turning a reality, not even glimpses. From talking, he started agitating, then got combative with corrosive comments against all and sundry. He became a lonely , hoarse voice in the wilderness.

None heard. He got tired but not disillusioned, but then began to struggle to pay his bills. That was not the life he envisioned. Not him. Once a fully comfortable man, his life diminished, frustration, pain, and agony followed. The horizon carried a gloomy picture but few saw the eerie portrait.

A pioneer Chairman of Nigerian Film Corporation, NFC, govt didn’t see his shadows not to mention seeing his ailment and intervening.

Thanks to Mr Adedayo Thomas, MD, NFVCB, for his humane intervention. His awesome efforts and those of a few others like the ever committed Shuaibu Hussein, Fidelis Duker, Seun Oloketuyi, plus the AMP President and his Vice were gallantry.

Tragically, they couldn’t stop Chief Ugboma’s journey to a place called PEACE . I salute you guys for standing up. You raise our profile amidst blinking hopes of many a practitioner. Nollywood is still a tragic arena. We give smiles to people out there and return home to sit with our family searching for same smile we give to people. Tragic !

But we will press on . With people like the NFVCB boss, Mr Thomas , we can still take a step forward. He is an amazing protagonist inour unfolding drama of hope in a fractured journey. That hope must remain robust and eternal. Surely, some day, in our time, in our finest hour we shall stand solid in the theatre of victory to pay tribute to those who paved our path. Good bye Chief. Rest Chief Ugboma. The sounds of your drum will never be drowned. Now you are the might of silence. And we shall sustain the magistracy of your irrepressible office. Accept my final greeting as i bow for you in loud silence. Peace !!

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