Sanwo-Olu and Agbaje: Lagosians Speak on Their Choice

By Eric Elezuo                                                        Photos: Segun Lawal

With the Lagos State governorship election pitched basically between the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Mr. Jimi Agbaje, Lagosians speak of their expectations and who they prefer as the next governor.

Check out opinions below:

I will prefer somebody like Ambode, but unfortunately he is not on board, so I give it to Sanwo-Olu. I know he can continue from where Ambode stopped and even do better. But if he fails, we will vote him out – Silas Achine

I believe in the person everyone is clamouring for, and that is Sanwo-Olu. I believe he can do it and he will do it. I believe he will win and achieve what we want him to achieve. I believe in him because he is a man of his words – Sola

Babajide Sanwo-Olu is my man for governor. My reason is based on continuity…from Tinubu to Fashola to Ambode and now Sanwo-Olu. If another party comes they will stop and try to begin their own, thereby slowing down things. Let there be continuity. Sanwo-Olu can complete Ambode’s projects. I am voting Sanwo-Olu. I know he will perform more than Ambode – Tamilaiye

I am expecting Sanwo-Olu to emerge winner based on his integrity and capability. Again, I so much believe in Bola Tinubu because he knows how to give Lagosians good performers, and they have been performing well. I expect Sanwo-Olu to even surpass all his predecessors . I expect him to take us to the next level, clear hold ups and make Lagos a much more better place with more jobs – Temitope

Lagos needs a man of serious integrity whose words is his bond. Whoever emerges should work more on traffic and roads – Benjamin

Honestly, in the last few years, Lagos has set the pace for other states to follow and so there is need for continuity irrespective of whoever comes in. There should be no break, but continue with the visible landmark achievements. The next governor must have the people as his focal point, and never let the standard Lagos occupy now go low – Joshua

I prefer Jimi Agbaje. I believe if Agbaje steps in, things will change. You know for long, Agbaje has been trying, but I think now is the suitable time to give him a chance to unleash the works he has prepared over the years on Lagos. More so, whoever will eradicate KAI will be my candidate – Attraction

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