Saraki’s Agent Declines to Sign Result, Alleges ‘Massive Fraud’

Isiaka Mogaji, the polling agent of the Peoples Democratic Party in Kwara Central Senatorial District on Sunday declined to append his signature on the result sheet for the district.

Mr Mogaji said other agents of the party across the district also declined to append their signatures on the sheet because of what he described as “massive fraud” in the election.

“I got a report from members of our party across the board, informing me that in some areas within Ilorin west where the election took place, there was massive fraud,” he said shortly before the final result was about to be announced.

“I can mention areas,” he added. He was rudely cut short by other members and supporters of the APC who mocked him for not approving result.

In his response, the INEC returning officer said the complaints should be forwarded to the appropriate channel in the commission.

The INEC official’s remarks were immediately taken over by screams of “Bororo.!”, a mockery of the PDP agent.

Embarrassed, he promptly left the collation centre.

Razaq Bamu, APC polling agent in the district, praised the election officers and others in charge of logistics.

According to him, the election was free and fair.

He agreed to append his signature to the results.

The Labour Party agent in the district, Abdulkareem Onagun, also said there was no fraud in the electoral process and promptly appended his signature.


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