Agriculture: Buhari Lauds Capt. Hosa Okunbor’s Greenhouse Farms Investment

By Orobosa Omo-Ojo

Proverbs 22:29 reads, “See thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before obscure men.”
Professionalism pays! Hard work works! The diligent worker (if you like, the diligent service provider) will be promoted over an average and mediocre worker. It follows also, that, an honest and professional businessman will be found in the midst of champions. Rulers and kings will also commend and recommend him for his good work. Honesty, diligence and capacity to deliver have crucial value in both private business and public service.
Diligence is the hard and persistent effort applied to one’s professional duties. Successful entrepreneurs readily ascribe their secrets to adherence to persistence and insistence on standard.
The Oxford English Dictionary defines a diligent person as “constant in application, persevering in endeavour, assiduous’, industrious; ‘not idle, not negligent, not lazy.’ Simply put, a diligent person reminds us of the old-fashioned concept of hard work – persisting application with dedicated focus.

Just like the bible days, Kings are the highest persons in any nation. Mean or ordinary men are the lower class of men that make up much of our society. Hard and efficient work is one sure way that could take a man from the lower classes to stand before kings. It does not matter the skill or the works of his hands. He could be a farmer, a driver, or messager. The discipline is not a barrier to attaining acceptable standard in whatever God places in our hands!
There is no question whether hard work will make one successful or not. This is not a suggestion or possible method of improving professional trajectory, but God’s word has declared it, and that settles it. King Solomon observed it and rewarded it, and that settled it for him. Honest businessmen have profited from their high ethical standard.
If there was doubt about the benefits of hard work, faithfulness, honesty and consistency, such was removed recently when President Mohammadu Buhari visited the revered Benin Monarch, Oba Ewuare II in his palace. At hand to receive Mr. President was leading opinion leaders and chiefs, including Nigeria’s ingenious businessman, Capt Hosa Wells Okunbor. From the retinue of chiefs and nobles, President Buhari singled out Capt Okunbor for praise, because of his groundbreaking and novel achievements at Wells Hosa Greenhouse Farm in Edo State. While commending him for his faith in Nigeria and his exploit in Agro-Allied industry, the President mentioned that he was aware of the risk and huge sacrifices made by the retired Commercial Airliner Pilot, including the sale of his private jet to establish the biggest and most successful farm, which has now become a benchmark in Greenhouse farming in Nigeria.
The Benin Monarch, who has intensified efforts to attract social and economic development to his kingdom since becoming the 40th Oba, was understandably proud of his subject who has become synonymous with successful business stories.

Like a bulldozer, Capt Okunbor has never given up, irrespective of the challenges. Perhaps this doggedness is responsible for his attraction to startup initiatives and rare endeavours – including areas that involve hi-tech engineering. With determination and with his eyes on record breaking, he has made successes of all his enterprise which covers, land, sea and air.

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