I was at the Mountaintop, Now I’m Back – Rosie Crooner, Blackky

By Eric Elezuo

He is arguably one of the best dancehall performers Nigeria has ever produced. He is Nya Edward Inyang, better known by his stage name Blackky. Blackky rocked the Nigerian nightclub scenes in the 90s, with songs like Rosie, Sugar Stick, and many more hit dancehall songs. In this brief chat, he reveals what he has been up to and what his fans should expect soonest. Excerpts:

It’s been a while. What’s been happening?

Yeah, I keep telling the fans that Blackky was at the mountaintop, but they laugh. They don’t take me seriously, but I’ve been at the mountaintop. The mountaintop is a state of mental withdrawal. I can see you but you can’t see me. However, I’ve been in Nigeria, still performing and appearing at concerts. We played a couple of concerts in 2018 though I haven’t released any albums since my last Reggae Icon album in 2006, which got me a Kora Awards nomination for the best Reggae Raga Act.

Should we assume that you have come down from the mountaintop?

I’ve descended from the mountaintop, yes

So, what are we expecting?

Now, in the hills and valleys and the cities, we are busy working on some new materials for an entirely new music. I’m working on some new songs and at the same time, we are still continuing our performances, reaching out on different platforms, and at both private and public shows.

While you were on the mountaintop, what were you meditating on?

Ah, this country of ours can keep you at the mountaintop for years without. You know, we have a very difficult country and so have to go to that mountaintop sometimes – which is a state of mind in which you withdraw yourself into solitary confinement, but you are still mingling. And this is where artistes like myself get inspiration from. When I write music, I don’t just write – I don’t write on things like women, drugs and things that I don’t believe in. I write about things that are conscious and can enlighten. So at such times, I usually have to retreat, so that I can get the right words, from inside.

Frankly speaking, are you dropping an album soon?

Well, I can’t give a date but it is in the works. I’m working on some new materials. That’s how much I can say.

Your song, Rosie, was a dancehall hit. So, can we expect a new song of that calibre?

Well, with music, you cannot compare the different works, as they come out. Rosie was different from all the other songs I put out and they were all hits. So, let’s say that every song that Blackky puts out is a product of deep thinking and lots of work. That’s all I can assure the fans; as for how far the songs will go, the fans are the determining factor.

Now, let’s talk about family. How’s the family?

We give thanks and praise for family and the support system we have, because without family, who are we?

How large is the family now?

Very large, but Blackky man is still waiting on Jah’s time for children.

It’s been lovely talking with you, Blackky.

Same here.

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