Free Sanwo-Olu Wi-Fi Excites Surulere Youths

Consistent with his aspiration of supporting Nigerian youths in their quest to compete favourably in the global space, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the APC gubernatorial candidate in the 2019, has commenced situating Free Wi-Fi at 100 designated locations across Lagos State.


The ‘Free Sanwo-Olu Wi-Fi’ launch, which kicked-off with Surulere Leisure Mall as its inaugural location, became a spectacle as jubilant youths skyjacked the commissioning ceremony. With the overwhelming display of support coming from youths twice within one week, Sanwo-Olu seemed to have struck the right cord with the Nigeria youths and won their support.


In his assurance message to the jubilant youths who welcomed the Lagos State gubernatorial candidate to the ‘Sanwo-Olu Free Wi-Fi’ launch, he said “I am a firm believer in the capacity of Nigerian youths to transform our country, if the right atmosphere is created and appropriate empowerment provided. Providing these is our responsibility as individual and a government”.


“This free Wi-Fi Initiative is an indication of how granular our government will be in providing empowerment for the youths. I recognise internet access as a window through which we can peep into the world of innovation and knowledge. I know that the online world boasts enormous resources. We can, therefore, not afford being shut-out of happenings in that space”.


“Guys, this Sanwo-Olu Free Wi-Fi is launched to provide you unfettered access to the digital space which is the largest deposit of prosperity and innovation. While some of us that entrepreneurial-minded can leverage this access to make more money, I also encourage the innovators amongst us to harvest ideas and knowledge that we can activate towards taking Lagos to a greater height. If I am elected in the 2019 elections, I will work to expand digital space in Lagos through innovation hubs across the state”, he said. 


Two days earlier, Sanwo-Olu had promised to provide institutional and infrastructural support for the technology sector, while addressing start-up tech companies at the Vibranium Valley in Lagos. 


His engagements with various stakeholder groups have been roundly described as inspiring and focused. “Sanwo-Olu’s ability to cut-through the audience cluster and identify collaborators in his aspiration of taking Lagos to a greater height attests to his power of focus and determination”.


“This focused engagement of youths, interest in technology, innovation, youth empowerment and entrepreneurship could be taken as pointers to some of the focus areas his government will face. These are elements of his promised inclusive governance and it is becoming evident that youths will have a seat at the table if he is elected in 2019”, Dr. Adetope Lawson, a political scientist hinted.

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