Flooding: The Sure Way Out

By Edaki Timothy

The rainy season is almost over but certainly not the destruction it has left in its wake or should we say regime. A good number of residents in the Northern part of the country, especially Niger, Anambra, Kogi and many other states even some parts of Ogun state are still counting their losses in both human and material. The destruction caused by the rains which led to flooding have left many homeless, hungry and bereft of any hope. Many have had to leave their settlement not for greener pastures as is usually the case but rather for solace, succour and a roof over their heads.

While one might be quick to judge and berate the government, either Federal or state, it is necessary to state here that flooding is a natural disaster or as they say, one of the ‘evils of God’. Hence, while the government plays its highly important role to avert this unbecoming disaster, the citizens themselves must not sit with folded arms, loose tongues to complain and grumble but rather push and lend a helping hand till flooding becomes a thing lost in the cans of history. After all, it is not the government who deposits or throws waste into gutters and drainage system which eventually clog these channels, impeding the flow of water.

However, Floods can be prevented throygh proper planning and adoption of effective mitigation measures, particularly in areas prone to flooding.
One of these ways is to improve water drainage systems as this helps to prevent and control floods by ensuring easy flow of excess water, especially in urban areas during flash floods. Effective Drainage system can be improved by rehabilitating and cleaning water drainage systems, including removing debris and solid waste from drainage systems like storm drains and French drains, de-silting trenches and underground water channels and building galleys.

It is as much as it is the work of the government to protect and safeguard the life and properties of its citizens, the moral responsibility of the citizens to keep themselves from harms way. Citizens must desist from clogging the water drainage channels by throwing waste into gutter, canals and the likes.

The brunt of the work does not only lie with the government, although the government must try as much as possible to educate all and sundry on how certain actions initiate flooding in their communities.

Nigeria can overcome flooding and have it as a thing of the past but this not what only the government can do. It requires every one of us to make a difference.

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