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Beret: Wonderful Fashion Compliment

Berets are a major fashion trend. Regardless of the fashion, they’re a potent and egalitarian instant-access accessory. Get one and you’re in. Anyone can pick one up, but it takes some front to wear, be it bravado, camp posturing or avant-garde edginess.

Beret is the Vogue for fashion savvy men. Beret with suspenders reigned supreme in the 60’s and 70’s.  There’s a long history of chic women sporting the beret. Not only has it graced style icons we all know and adore, but it was also a major accessory on the recent runways. Furthermore, there are some seriously amazing berets on the market right now for you to shop.

It has been linked to politics but then creatives who change the world wore the beret.  At a recent fashionshow, Titi Bello gave us chills as the model strutted in cool, uptown chic styles adding for beret as an important accessory. The men too will give you a better reason to have this headpiece on! The beret changes your total look, gives that cool hipster personality to your look.

You might think it’s just the military men who look dope in it but extra creativity to your beret places you on another level.  You can tell that there are different types of beret flying around like the fluffy ones.

What therefore, is the hidden idea behind wearing beret for those who are not in the military or para-military clubs, especially in universities in Nigeria, beret signifies being blended into a brotherhood society or a cult, hence it has gained more importance amongst male fashion lovers like wizkid, Noble Ige, Jim Iyke.


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